Marsha Wineman: BACK STITCHED May 2, 2019 – May 31, 2019.

Posted in 2019

Marsha Wineman: BACK STITCHED
May 2, 2019 – May 31, 2019.

Marsha Wineman presents BACK STITCHED, an exhibition where thread replaces ink or graphite in life drawings that are stitched in aida cloth or linen. Different than line laid on a surface such as paper, thread in cloth provides the method for a sensed or haptic experience where, without actual physical contact one knows the physicality of the thread and the fibre.

About the artist

Marsha Wineman is an artist in Toronto who received her MFA at The School of the Art institute of Chicago. Wineman’s creative work explores art made through the application of sewing skills used as mark-making or construction devices. She had been the technician for the School of Fashion at Seneca College where she continued amassing textile procedures. Her most recent works combine life drawing and embroidery.

She has been a member of several arts boards and is active as a member of the Contemporary Canadian Art Collection at Seneca College where she advises toward acquisition and site placement. She has been the recipient of numerous awards from Canada and Manitoba Arts Councils and is in many private and public art collections.