Annette Hansen is an Ontario-based clay artist. Her life-long adventure in clay has been a nomadic one since graduating from Kolding Design School (Kunsthaandvaerker Skole) in Denmark. After honing her skills in Canada, USA and Greece, she settled into her own studio and gallery in Toronto in 2004. COBALT GALLERY and clay studio is where she exercised another of her passions – teaching pottery to adults and kids.

Annette operated COBALT GALLERY, a beloved artistic hub on Kingston Road, for 16 years before moving her business to Hillsburgh, Ontario in late 2020. Here, she continues to create beautiful work, supplying local shops and galleries with her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Characterized by a love of design, Annette’s functional work in porcelain and stoneware brings together divergent elements in calming earth tones and bold black and white, with the occasional intense accent colours. She often alters and incorporates other materials into her work, resulting in unique, remarkable art that enhances any environment.

I’m happiest when I’ve got my hands deep in clay, creating something from the earth,” says Annette. “I love it when my work touches someone else. When they take in a piece with their eyes, then hold it in their hands, and somehow are moved by it. It’s powerful to see how art connects us to each other.

COBALT GALLERY | Annette Hansen