Visual Artists
Chris Evitts, Mike Monzie, Christine Pensa, Liz Russ, Monika Uesson-Talpak, Rod Trider and Benjamin Wieler
Saturday November 19th to
Friday December 23rd, 2011
Meet the Arists:
Saturday November 26th, 1-4pm


The Pin up Artist
New drawings by
Joanne Filletti
Opening September 30th – October 29th, 2011
Friday September 30th, 7-10 pm
I Am A Renaissance Woman, 2011
Graphite on gessoed board
80” x 32”
Although it has been said that we are living in a “post-feminist” age, women still face many challenges. In spite of feminist advances, we are still confronted with conflicting media messages. To accept that one’s being or reality is always subject for the scrutiny and judgment of others, either men or women, is to operate in a constant state of uncertainty. It is this uncertainty that has inspired me to directly place myself under scrutiny – as a middle-aged woman and, as an artist.
I have undertaken a re-examination of pin-ups, in particular the celebrated commercial artwork of Gil Elvgren from the 1930’s to 1970 Inserting myself in the drawings and dressing the part in what became a pictorial autobiography unfolding in the present, provides for me a way of telling a story that has always been told, and continues to be told by others, both men and women.


Dream from the Bluehour
New paintings by
Chris Evitts
Opening September 1 – September 25th, 2011
Saturday September 10th from 3-5Pm
In theses new paintings I deal with that no man’s land of the mind, the dream. I have tried to get to the place that exists within dreams, with its drifting logic, vagueness and of course the strangeness.


Paintings by Anne-Marie Olczak
June 1-26, 2011
Thursday June 2 from 7-9PM


CONTACT – Felicity Somerset
Felicity Somerset: Fine Art Photography
May 1-31, 2011
Co-dependencies is a series of portraits of the skeletons of broken shells. Battered and worn by the Atlantic surf on the eastern coast of the US, these remnants of shells have been removed from their ocean context. Now reflected on a field of dark glass, the images suggest a co-dependency and intimacy of relationship in this created context.
Reception: May 3, 7:00–9:30 pm

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A Double Life
Jackie Ramo
an exhibition of ceramic art tiles created by Jackie Ramo
Friday April 1 from 7-9PM


“It’s the small things…”
March 9 – March 27, 2011


In the Spirit of Love
“an exhibition of art celebrating family and love”
Thursday February 10 – Sunday February 27, 2011


COBALT GALLERY | Annette Hansen